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-German distributor :Thermonie[2011/12/21 上午 10:12:20]

The company THERMONIE was founded in 1969. The company was one of the sole providers in this particular
industry during a time when import and distribution of thermostats in German was dissipated.
In the following years, the business grew through expansion of its premier representation and completion of
its product range. Rising to a status of manufacturing notability throughout Europe.

We are located on the west side of Hamburg, Germany. We guarantee you will find yourself at the right
address when you are seeking delivery of components in the area of Bimetal temperature regulators, capillary tube temperature regulators, rod temperature regulators, direct current-protections and NTC-thermostats. We have over 35 years of business experience in high quality components service, production and consultation.
We gladly provide experienced advice and assistants regarding our valuable products.